Welcome to my courses page. I teach front-end web development at BCIT. The subjects I teach focus on HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Below is a listing of the programs and courses I teach in.

Technical Web Designer Program

Part of the High Tech Professional (HTP) programs at BCIT, The Technical Web Designer Program is a short 22 week full-time certificate day program offered at BCIT's downtown Vancouver campus.

The program focuses on Front-End web development and design. Courses in the program cover HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JavaScript Frameworks, PHP, Build tools, Git, Web Design Tools, SEO, Web Analytics, Social Media, UX, and WordPress.

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Part-Time Courses

I teach in two courses offered part-time at night at BCIT.

COMP 1850 is an introductory course on web site development offering an introduction to HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP and general web design and UX.

COMP 1950 continues on from COMP 1850 focusing on advanced CSS layout techniques, mobile responsive web development, CSS pre-processors and Git.

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